Below is a list of registrants who have completed their registration process (including payment).

Name Institute Country
James Campbell Calgary Canada
Mike Chen Victoria Canada
Seven Conboy ALMA Chile
Zachary Draper Victoria Canada
Emmanuel Fonseca UBC Canada
Vincenzo Galluzzi INAF Italy
Antonio Hernandez UNAM Mexico
Niloufar Javid Khalili McMaster Canada
Jared Keown Victoria Canada
Eric Koch UWO Canada
Lara Lenkic UWO Canada
Gamel Martinez ALMA Chile
Angus Mok McMaster Canada
Fernando Morales ALMA Chile
Alex Tetarenko Alberta Canada
Jacob White UBC Canada
Jorge Zavala INAOE Mexico
Lei Zhu CAS China



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The John Galt telescope at the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory. Image by Gerald Schieven.

For questions or additional information about the 2015 ALMA Summer School, please contact Brenda Matthews